True blue Lacy Dog photo gallery

Some of my favorite pictures of Sadie and her Lacy friends. Yes, I have a lot of hog dog shots, because that is what my Lacy does. I am not implying dogs have to hunt or bay hogs to be true blue Lacys, I just have more opportunities to take pictures in that environment. I hope you enjoy seeing the Lacy Dogs in action!

coyote vs blue lacy

blue lacy hog dogs

sadie on sow

lacy nose knows

tri red lacy bay

red lacy dog

lacy cattle dog

blue lacy at play

blue lacy bay pen

blue lacy dog

sadies first bay

happy lacy family

lacy hog dog pack

red lacy puppy

red blue lacys

shutting down bay

blue lacy hog bay

pink cut collar blue lacy

red lacy hog dog

lacy puppy foot

lacy stock dog

tri lacy puppy

red lacy cat bay

blue lacy concentration

blue lacy herding

red lacy truck

hog dog cows

2010 Lacy calendars

Many of these photos are featured in the new Lacy Dog calendars. Holiday cards and stickers are also available.

Blue Lacy Calendar

You can see more Lacy pictures in my Lacy Dog Flickr set. I also have an assortment of bay pen shots and hog dog photos.

true blue lacy photos